Episode 200



The groups of Theria wrap up plans, defend themselves, deal with the seal and say goodbye. 


"Malchus" - Rob Wiesehan
"Teveen" -  Rachael Swertfeger
"Aria" - Kelsey White
"Amvin" - Michael Cameron 
"Daegon" - James Wilkinson
"Khoury" - Jamie Lee Bonez
"Aralove" - Susan Spenader
"Braylon" - Alex Herrera
"Acteronis" - Xavier Trudeau-Deschênes 
"Kalden" - Ian Duncan
"Calluna" - McKenzie Henning 
"Marrek" - Jasper Permenter 
"Thantos" - Bri Marie
"Una" - Izzy Chadwick 
"Sora" - Valerie Spanier 
"Eliwrath" - Lisa Boorem
"Arina" - Karen Huesman
"Ephany" - Jane Higginson
"Avalan" - Zach Clark


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